Chris Christie and the worst kind of politics- part 1



On Saturday Chris Christie a 2016 GOP presidential hopeful was speaking to the elite and powerful Republican Jewish Coalition- a particularly large and influential group of right-wing conservative Zionists including donors and lobbyist representing the state of Israel.

Chris Christie fairly unfamiliar with the impact words can have in foreign policy began to wet his feet following his comment referring to the Israeli state as “occupied territories”.

An uproar among the volatile and hawkish RJC forced Christie into damage control a Politico report clarified the apparent gaffe..

The term refers to lands in which Palestinians live where Israel maintains a military presence, including the West Bank.

The central portion of the story reported in Politico centered around Chris Christie and his subsequent apology following the fierce uproar.
Specifically highlighted was Sheldon Adelson a powerful casino mogul and godfather in the world of Zionist politics.
From the Politco report…
Not long after his speech, Christie met with Adelson privately in the casino mogul’s office in the Venetian hotel and casino, which hosted the RJC meeting.
Chris Christie obviously embarrassed by his inexperience in dealing with powerful international interests in his run for president in 2016 apologized for stepping on a major “fault line” in Middle East Politics.
The source told POLITICO that Christie “clarified in the strongest terms possible that his remarks today were not meant to be a statement of policy.”
Christie made clear “that he misspoke when he referred to the ‘occupied territories.’ And he conveyed that he is an unwavering friend and committed supporter of Israel, and was sorry for any confusion that came across as a result of the misstatement.” the source said.

Adelson accepted Christie’s explanation, the source said.
Chris Christie nearly lost at words elaborated through a ‘source’ he did not mean what he clearly understood through experience from his own travels in the Middle East and the Israeli occupied territories.
Apologizing under duress and extortion, Christie our American 2016 GOP presidential hopeful was reprimanded by the powerful and influential Israeli interests in US Politics.

The mini-controversy and quick apology highlight both the importance of Adelson as the reigning mega-donor in GOP politics, as well as the tricky terrain that Middle East politics can pose for American politicians courting Jewish donors and voters.

Before the meeting, Adelson ally Morton Klein, president of the hawkish Zionist Organization of America, had confronted Christie about his use of the term, telling POLITICO he explained to the New Jersey governor that “at minimum you should call it disputed territories.”

Now the incredible part of all these semantics is the fact that instead of understanding and accepting the governor of New Jersey’s inexperience and apology the president of the ZOA, Zionist Organization of America- Morton Klein stated the following to Politico..
“Christie was non-committal, said Klein, who concluded afterwards that the governor “either doesn’t understand the issue at all, or he’s hostile to Israel.”

Yes, the governor of New Jersey is hostile to Israel guys.
Ignoring the negative comments made by Christie on Obama’s approach to foreign policy and perceived lack of support of Israel, according to Klein, support for Israel should be first and foremost, unconditional and unilateral.
This is the worst kind of politics.

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