Boston Bombing, American Gladio and the ‘false flag’ meme- part 1


Today, its not the just the fringe who are talking “false-flag” when they hear about an alleged domestic terror incident. Sharing their suspicions about the Boston bombings on Facebook, Twitter, the blogosphere, the internet and media in general is waking up to the ubiquity of staged terror events.

American Reichstag.

“Though it is too early to know for sure, the Boston bombings featured the most important telltale sign of a false-flag op: A terror drill running simultaneously, mirroring the actual attack. As Webster Tarpley has explained in his book 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA, false-flag attacks such as 9/11 and 7/7 are designed as drills that suddenly “go live.” This allows insiders to plot and execute the attacks under cover of the drills, with the “Team B” bad guys actually carrying out the attacks they were supposedly going to feign.”

By far the biggest special operations day in US history, September 11th, 2001 was designated with a total of 46 pre-planned drills and exercises- including live-fly planes-into-buildings exercises. providing cover for the insider attacks.

Peter Power, the UK’s biggest terror consultant, admitted on live television that the July 7th, 2005 train bombings also featured terror drills that went live. all of the actual bombs that devastated London that day exploded at the exact times and places envisioned in the drills.

Mobile, Alabama TV station Local TV 15 reported:

University of Mobile’s Cross Country Coach, who was near the finish line of the Boston Marathon when a series of explosions went off, said he thought it was odd there were bomb sniffing dogs at the start and finish lines.

“They kept making announcements on the loud speaker that it was just a drill and there was nothing to worry about,” Coach Ali Stevenson told Local 15. “It seemed like there was some sort of threat, but they kept telling us it was just a drill.”



As columnist Kevin Barrett has observed, Yahoo News! did something astonishing by conducting a poll about who was responsible for the Boston bombing, where the alternatives included the American government:

But after the Boston bombings of April 16th, 2013, even the corporate monopoly media could no longer ignore the possibility of a false-flag attack. Yahoo News asked “Who’s behind the Boston Marathon bombings?” and offered 4 theories: (1) Islamic jihadists, (2) Right-wing militia types, (3) the government, and (4) a criminally-insane lone wolf.


Numbers (1), (2), and (4), of course, are the usual suspects. But including (3) “the government” on the suspects list is unprecedented for a mainstream news story reporting on a domestic terror incident.


The false-flag meme’s growing prominence was underlined at Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick’s press conference after the bombings. The first question for Governor Patrick came from Infowars correspondent Dan Bidondi, who asked whether the bombings were “a false-flag staged event to take away our civil liberties.” Patrick, of course, answered “no.”


Even the Atlantic Monthly, a neocon-lite magazine associated with names like Goldberg and Hitchens, felt compelled to publish a story headlined: “What Is a ‘False Flag’ Attack, and What Does Boston Have to Do with This?

Amazingly, the Atlantic article stated that yes, there is historical precedent for viewing the Boston bombing as a false-flag event. The author, Philip Bump, even admitted: “If the Boston attack had been a ‘false flag’ attack, Gov. Patrick would have responded ‘no’ anyway.”


The American gladio.

Quote from an article from Veterans Today by Jim Fetzer:

“evidence that the attack was carried out by DHS continues to mount, where the motives appear to have included suppressing an otherwise sensational report about the commission of torture by the Bush/Cheney and Obama/Biden administrations, which was to be released the day following the marathon and no doubt would have been front-page headline news on very newspaper and television report in the world but for the occurrence of the bombing.”


Just as the reign of the Bush regime seemed to pass, only the realities of a cruel brother known only as deception embark on the headlines of everyday newspapers. Till now, whats become widely known to the ‘alternative’ media as the American Gladio Operation just caught us all on the rebound of a decade too gloom to recall, too full of promise to recant.

to be continued..




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