Fox News Reporter asks high court to protect criminal sources in UCR alumnus case


Ms. Jana Winter is in a tough position these days- a young reporter for Fox News who was fed information from investigators within the Aurora Police Department (that’s Aurora, Colorado) regarding some key evidence collected by FBI in the days following the bizarre July 20th, 2012 mass shooting at the midnight screening for the film The Dark Knight Rises at the Century 21 movie theater in Aurora, CO.


Jana Winter in fear of her life has asked the US Supreme Court for protection… receiving death threats if she reveals her sources.


On July 25th, 2012 Jana Winter was the first to report that accused shooter James Holmes had sent a notebook to his psychiatrist with details about his planned killings. The notebook was collected by FBI agents the following Monday in the mail room at the Colorado University Medical Campus where accused gunman James Holmes studied as a first year Ph.D in computational neuroscience.


James Holmes, a class of 2010 UC Riverside graduate had been given a $26,000 federal grant issued by the National Institute of Health Sciences to study at Colorado University Medical Campus in Denver- James Holmes was one of six recipients in the country to receive this grant as part of an elite group of other students training to be neurosurgeons, neuroscienctists and engineers in the burgeoning and eclectic field of neuroscience. CU medical campus has often worked alongside DARPA and other military interests to help develop new technology that was before only theoretical.

In December 2012, Holmes’ attorneys complained that the details about the notebook must have been leaked, and demanded sanctions against whomever leaked the information. Citing a gag order on law enforcement personnel on the case, attorneys stated officers must have perjured themselves when they denied under oath being Winter’s sources, undermining their credibility as potential trial witnesses.


James Holmes shocking first court appearance shows the UCR alumni in a dazed and almost frightened mind-altered state

Fox responded to a subpoena issued by Holmes’ attorneys by the end of January 2013, stating that Winter would fight any attempts to reveal her sources.


New York state’s top court ruled in December 2013 that Winter did not have to testify in Colorado because she is protected by her home state’s shield law, which says reporters do not have to identify confidential sources. A Colorado court issued a subpoena for Winter’s testimony, but because she is based in New York, that state’s courts would have to enforce it.

Winter has said she would not identify the sources, even though the Colorado court could sentence her to jail for contempt of court for refusing. Winter’s attorney, Dori Hanswirth has stated her doubt that the Supreme Court would intervene.”



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