The Emporer he has no clothes.

Commander in Chief insulted; dodges question on
 US-funded rebels in Syria. -May 27th 2014

Questions like “What happens after the terrorists overthrow the Syrian government with its vast nuclear arsenal?” and “Who is gonna need to fight this war when the nuclear-armed rebels turn on our vested American interests?” have no place at a science fair for children… at least not for another 10 years.

The recent reports of U.S. forces training the Syrian terrorists is generating enormous interest sparking a moment of déjà vu reminiscent of the 80’s [ref: mujahideen]

The anecdotal video was provided by perhaps to illustrate what journalism is in America these days.

Caught off-guard and in an awkward haste, President Obama dismisses a question by Real Clear Politics reporter Alexis Simendinger, in regards to our support of the coup d’etat turned proxy war in Syria, during a white house publicity function.

A Frontline report recently disclosed FSA terrorists admitting they were transported and trained by U.S. forces in Qatar then shipped back to Syria to kill civilians. But with the teleprompters turned off and no readily available script at hand on which he could rely, Obama quickly found his way to the door giving us a rare glimpse into the mind-set of the ruling politico class in America.

obama-nobel-prize_399x624Obama accepts his nobel peace prize- 2009.

The grand question of whether or not President Obama will really duck the Syrian conflict the remaining two years and eight months of his presidency remains to be seen. An amazing feat in itself if the CIA gun-running continues and the Syrian ‘civil war crisis’ enters the 2016 presidential elections.

Perhaps sitting this one out is already out of the question, for better or worse destabilizing an already destabilized region is a CIA trademark. A little story ran last year about the training of Syrian of ‘rebels’ with white house approval, according to CNN.

O, what a tangled web we weave
       When first we practice to deceive!



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