25th Anniversary Tiananmen Square Massacre


Inside the Peoples Republic of China “June 4th, 1989” wont yield search results of demonstrations or democratic uprising. Memory of the unarmed protestors who occupied Tiananmen Square for seven weeks cease to exist even among some of the best educated students in China.

The People’s Republic of Amnesia?


Today in Beijing, effectively censored images of tanks and rallying students shown by PBS journalists around campus to undergraduates who were completely bewildered.

“May I ask if this is a piece of your artwork?” One student asked the correspondents.

Completely ignoring the massacre which claimed the lives of several hundred Chinese censors are even blocking out foreign newscasts reporting on the anniversary.

Images have weight and censorship has been used as a way to forget and liberate China from heavy self-criticism and responsibility for its actions and acquiescence.

Unfortunately, while many people relate censorship with China, censorship is actually exploding across the globe.



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