Ruling-class oligarchs meet in Denmark



'The Root of all Evil' -Italian MEP

‘The Root of all Evil’ -Italian MEP

This week a hardly publicized, highly secretive gathering of the worlds most powerful heads of industry, media moguls and politicos including energy tycoons, royalty and wealthy corporate executives wielding unmatched influence globally in areas of finance, defense and technology embarked upon Denmark this week to hold their 62nd annual conference.


Article from 1983

“They” took their name from Hotel de Bilderberg, in the Netherlands, where they first met fifty-four years ago…


The ‘conference’ affirmatively ‘off-the-record’ was created with the support of the CIA after WWII with the hope of fostering dialogue and better understanding between the two cultures as anti-American sentiment in Western Europe increased and Europe fell into geo-political chaos.


Decades of steering through the economic weather with globalist paradigms aligned with a centralized banking agenda circumventing international law and national sovereignty all colluding outside of public debate has been largely successful by choosing remote castles, chateaus and isolated villas they hide- no cameras, no news anchors.

Fascists in the Information Age- Time to dress down

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